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We go beyond the surface

At CMC, we firmly believe "it's what's inside that counts". So, whatever your story is, we’ll give you everything you need to become something new and create a career that supports your goals. Our team embodies a culture of excellence and innovation, and we strive to hire individuals who embrace challenges, maintain a positive attitude, and take accountability seriously. This is how we’ve created our unbreakable bond and an environment where we get the job done, smiles and all.

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A vision that speaks to you

Our core motivation is to build lasting structures, strong communities, and a more sustainable industry. We care about making a difference and believe that true meaning comes from working towards something larger than ourselves. That’s why we’re proud to partner with the Gary Sinise Foundation. Through volunteering and financial support, CMC employees honor our veterans and their families by helping to build specially adapted smart homes, home modifications, and more. Learn more about CMC’s involvement with R.I.S.E. by clicking here.Veterans and military spouses play a crucial role in bringing CMC's vision to life. For more information on our "why," check out our guiding principles.



Veterans and their spouses enjoy working with us for a variety of reasons, whether it's the freedom to think differently, the opportunity for career growth, or the genuinely good people on our team. Don't take our word for it - read what our employees have to say!

Jeremy (12 years with the Marine Corps)

Mill Services Foreman at CMC Steel Texas

"When I transitioned from the military, I had a family on the way and knew I had to get a job to support them. I found my way into the steel industry in the melt shop with another company.
A few years later, we needed to move back home. I loved the culture CMC had to offer, and shortly became part of the family at Steel Texas. At first, I thought it was just another mill, but I quickly realized CMC is truly a family that welcomed me with open arms. They have the career path mindset that if you dream it and earn it, your future is in your hands. The company continues to guide me in reaching my potential. Many of us are veterans, and we know we can always reach out for help when in a tight spot. We know when we are in our “bunker,” and we’re able to help each other because not all scares are visible. Many of us still deal with the battlefield we left but knowing we are a family, and we will leave no one behind helps. We are there to stand beside each other, both at work and in the fight."
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Stetson (17 years in the U.S. Army)

Former Talent Acquisition Specialist at CMC Corporate

"At first, the transition from the army was tough as I was wondering where I was going to end up after being medically retired. My application for CMC was submitted after meeting a recruiter at an event in Kentucky. My experience at CMC has been outstanding ever since. The environment is welcoming, and I’ve always felt safe asking questions or seeking out help. I’m so thankful to have found this awesome opportunity!
The people that work at CMC are great and are always ready to lend a helping hand when needed."
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Bill (4 years in the U.S. Marine Corps)

Director of Mill Operations at CMC Steel Texas, Southern Post Texas & Steel Arkansas

"After separating from the Marines, I spent 14 years trying to figure out what I was going to do for a career, everything from bartending to sales to working in the oil field. I had settled into residential construction and even my own little business but was never satisfied with it.
A friend from church was a long-time employee at CMC and spoke very highly of the company, so I asked him if they had an opening. I adjusted my life to start over at the age of 37 and came on at entry level. I was given opportunity after opportunity to learn multiple positions on shift until eventually getting a day position, education assistance, and then moving into supervision. CMC was the first place I felt right at since leaving the Marines. I wasn’t here more than a few months and knew I’d be here the rest of my career. The dynamics of a team operating under constant expectations to deliver, no matter the conditions, creates an inimitable bond hard to find outside of the military – but it definitely exists at CMC."
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Dale Smith (9 years in the U.S. Marine Corps)

Melt Area Manager – Caster at CMC Steel Texas

"My transition from the military to the civilian work force was not difficult. What was fearful was the financial side, in terms of what I needed to earn to support my family. I was moving my family out of state and was very uncertain about life after the Marine Corps.
I learned of CMC through a family member who worked at CMC and knew I was soon getting out of the Marine Corps. This family member and CMC employee was also a Marine, so we had a lot in common. While visiting Texas on vacation, I was able to tour the Melt Shop and briefly meet a few of the Department managers. What drew me in was the excitement of again doing something that not everyone else could do or say they have done. The excitement of the Melt Shop, the unique nature of the work, and the camaraderie and tenure of the Melt Shop employees fulfilled my motivation for affiliation. CMC has provided me with so much support me in my career. Ranging from role models and mentors that I refused to let down, to tuition reimbursement for my undergraduate degree, CMC has provided professional, management, and technical training – and lifelong friends. Our family is a CMC family; my wife of 13 years is a Senior Buyer in Central Division Recycling, and my son is an electrician in the maintenance department here at the mill. I’ve been with CMC for over 16 years and look forward to many more."
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